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Prince Charles fell in love with Romania from his first visit

"Romanians? They can teach us a thing or two", said Prince Charles in an interview for Daily Mail publication.

He loved this country so much, that the Prince of Wales returns every year for the holidays and he even owns two properties that can be rented by visitors.

Prince Charles came for the first time to Romania in 1998, in an official visit and it was the only time he came to Romania for business. He was enchanted by the region of Transylvania, so he decided to return as many times as possible.

A subject dear to his heart is the European Fund for Nature, which he supports with every opportunity. This year, a British bus with two floors was covered with pictures of Carpathian forests and the upper level has become a classroom as part of the campaign dedicated to saving the forests of Romania. Prince Charles joined the enthusiastic children.

He was deeply impressed by the meadows of Transylvania, so he planted one near his home in Gloucestershire, using a combination of wild flower seeds collected from the meadows of Romania.

"It's the last corner of Europe where you see true sustainability and complete resilience,' says the Prince. "There's so much we can learn from it before it's too late."

Every time he comes back to Transylvania, the Prince starts by visiting projects and rural developments that he supports. He's always bringing new ideas, and also puts them into practice. In the same interview he said that the landscape is "almost out of some of these stories you used to read as a child. People are yearning for that sense of identity and belonging and meaning."